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Put the amount of steamers, you want to send to a service centre, into your cart!
Fill in the order and send it.

Pack the steamers carefully. More info below.
The GLS courier will pick up your steamer within 48 hours.

We will contact you as soon as we receive your steamer.
We recommend a repair and let you know the cost.
The repair will be done within 48 hours.

Category: Service

How to pack your steamer:

It is necessary to pack the steamer correctly to prevent it from damage.
Use a thicker box. Ideally with 2-5 layers.
Place the steamer so that it does not lie on the wheels in the box. For example put 1.5l pet-bottles filled with air under it (the wheel often breaks when the steamer falls).
Put for example paper, plastic wrapper or plastic bottles around the steamer, so it doesn't move too much.
If your hose rack is fine, but you can't dismantle it, do not send it to us.