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A 2003 report from the Environmental Protection Agency stated that the number of children with asthma has doubled in the past twenty years. Although air pollution has improved since 1990, allergies are still on the rise, but limiting allergens in households has proven to be a key to succes2.
Mites cause allergies with their allergens contained in their secretions. Dust mite allergens spread mostly through the air, and our body hates inhaling these allergens. They associate with relatively larger household dust particles (more than 10 μm). Unlike cat and dog allergens, which remain in the air for several days after being stirred up. Mite allergens bound in this way represent a heavier dust component with a higher tendency to settle. Therefore, problems with inhaling dust mite allergens often manifest themselves in the evening after going to bed, when children are playing in beds, on sofas and carpets, when luxuriating and doing a lot of cleaning2.


Clinical studies have shown that avoiding dust mite allergens in early childhood can prevent the development of asthma in adults.

The Steamer was tested on 8 carpet squares that were seeded with a known number of mites. The number of alive mites was monitored for 4 months in the test and control squares. The results showed two significant findings. No alive mites were found in any of the eight steamed squares. In contrast, the number of alive mites extracted from the eight control squares increased from an average of 11 to 185 in 4 months. The fact that no alive mites were found in any of the eight steam-treated carpet squares shows that steaming is a highly effective method of killing mites1.

"Steaming with a Steamer is the only ecological method to get rid of mites in the house, because it combines the effective killing of mites and a significant reduction in the concentration of allergens. This makes Steamers an ideal helper in the fight against mites and other allergens in the homes of allergy sufferers and asthmatics."

-M.J. Coloff, C. Taylor, T.G. Merrett

The study concluded that steaming objects in the household with a Steamer is a very effective means of killing mites without the use of chemicals. In addition, no damage, shrinkage or discoloration of the fabric was observed. Carpets were dry within half an hour after treatment. In contrast, vacuum cleaning leaves carpets very wet, which can encourage the growth of yeast populations1.

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