How to steam

How to steam with J series steamers

Every drycleaner will tell you that steam is the gentlest and safest method of removing wrinkles from your garments. The steam passes through fibers, relaxing them and thus removing wrinkles from the fabric. Such gentle steaming method protects materials and extends their durability.

With jiffy steamer, you can easily remove wrinkles from clothing, tablecloths, curtains.

The information below will help you with the first steaming operation.

When using the steamer, slightly touch the material, the slower you steam, the bigger action the steam head will have on the material, you will see that you can steam relatively quickly and the material will straighten. The fibers of the fabric perfectly straighten after the steam dries out in approximately 2-4 minutes.


Some garments are better to steam from the underside, the steam thus perfectly passes through the fabric, thus removing the wrinkles (beware of accumulation of hot steam underside the garment).



Always use the steamer in a way that the steam can freely escape from the steam head, the steam may condensate in a bent hose if you steam low above the ground, spattering hot water. In such case, lift the hose and water will flow back to the steamer.

In an ideal case, hang the pants in a wardrobe and push the steamer away from you so that the hose stretches out and does not bend, thus the steam will not condensate even when steaming in a lower position.