Steaming vs. ironing



 Your clothes are your investment. Therefore, it is necessary to use the gentlest and safest method of treating your clothes. Do you want to find out what method is the best option for care of any fabric? Steaming and ironing was compared in a simple test, using two identical samples of black wool with the size of 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm. 
Sample 'a' was steamed for one minute using the jiffy steamer.
Sample 'b' was ironed for one minute with conventional iron at the recommended temperature setting. then we put the samples in labelled bags and submitted them to the mva scientific consultants in norcross, georgia, u.s.a., for detailed magnification. The scanned electron microscope showed what damage might occur.



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With the pictures, you can easily compare action of the jiffy steamer vs. conventional iron:
fibers in sample "a" are in perfect condition due to the gentle nature of the steam
fibers in sample "b" are damaged already after the first application of the iron’s hot sole plate.
Unlike ironing, the steam covers the fibers with water, thus relaxing and straightening the fiber, while the iron rather presses the fibers. now that you have taken a closer look at the care of your clothes, use what the professionals use in stores where you buy your clothes - jiffy steamer!

In addition, you do not need you do not need a pressboard for steaming, thus saving your time and space, just switch on the steamer and in 2.5 minutes you can steam with high efficiency and mainly gently to your garments. Do you think that most stores use conventional iron? They do not, as this method is inefficient, slow and a lot of materials are susceptible to damage, and certainly none of the sellers wants to damage the look of the clothing even before selling it to you. Next time you go to your favourite store, ask what they use for ironing and you will certainly not be surprised that they use steam.