Comparison of models


We, in jiffy, believe that we know something about steaming, as we invented this entire process.

We have been investing huge work and experience in each of our steamers for more than 70 years.

People sometimes ask why jiffy? below you will find some of the reasons.

  • we invented the entire product and steaming process.
  • we never make compromises in terms of quality of our products, materials used or workmanship. discover our products. you will find not only stainless steel,       brass, copper, silicon or braided cables there.
  • we are the oldest and largest factory with steaming equipment in the world.
  • we have more than 1000 dealers in 48 countries all over the world.
  • every three minutes, one jiffy steamer product is put in use globally.
  • every product of ours has perfect quality.
  • j series models have three-year warranty for components.
  • our j-4000 model has lifetime warranty tank made of for stainless steel.
  • every component is 100% tested prior to leaving production line.
  • our products are protected by patents and trademarks.
  • 5 international safety certificates.

Here is a simple recommendation if you do not know which steamer to choose. 

Or simply call us to ask on hot line: + 420 603 288 703

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