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Jiffy Steamer J 2000 I

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Multifunctional steamer suitable for hotels, households, productions etc.

▶ Included 3 interchangeable steam heads

▶ Hose 168 cm

▶ Integrated water tank




Category: Jiffy steamer
Warranty: 3 years
Weight: 6.35 kg

Steamer with multifunctional wooden handle with 3 types of steam head. The Jiffy Steamer J2000 I can gently iron even the most wrinkled clothes. It is suitable for home and professional use. You can easily iron all clothes, curtains or textile furniture. You can also use the steamer for environmentally friendly household cleaning, especially bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Professional use of the J2000 I

Fashion stores, e-shops, hotels, home decor, theaters, restaurants, car repair shops with car stickers, photo studios, film studios, office service, cleaning companies and many other professionals who appreciate the top quality and performance of these already 80 years in USA made steamers.


  • Option to use tap waterbranded_quality_clothes_jiffy_steamer_white_color_import_America
  • Water tank capacity 2.8 l for 1.5 hours of ironing
  • Safe for all materials and applications
  • Stand made of thick-walled aluminum
  • Very high output - 53 g/min
  • Integrated removable water tank
  • Compact shape for travel and storage
  • Automatic shut-off fusible link for safety
  • 360° rotating wheels for mobility
  • One temperature for all materials
  • Silicone hose 168 cm / reach 198 cm
  • Made in USA
  • Warranty 3 years


  • 1x Steamer
  • 1x three-part detachable stand
  • 1x silicone hose with handle
  • 3x metal steam heads - the small one 16 cm (clothes), the large one 30 cm (curtains, carpets, tablecloths), pipe head for cleaning 23 cm (bathrooms, kitchens)
  • 1x assembly key - located on the steamer chassis


  • Wattage 1300 W
  • Material of the ironing surface - aluminum
  • Power cord 2.08 m
  • Weight 9 kg
  • Colour white



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