Code: J1972 | Brand: Jiffy steamer co.

Ironing blanket for the door

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We recommend this great ironing board that you can use with all types of vertical steamers.
You can easily hang the board on any door and after ironing, you can easily fold it like a blanket.

The board does not let steam or heat through and thus protects your door from damage.

Category: Service
Warranty: 1 year

Non-stick 3-layer aluminum ironing mat for doors 120 x 70 cm
Alu mat for ironing on doors 120 x 70 cm with an Alu surface equipped with foam padding and a bottom insulating layer with a non-slip surface.

product weight 0.6 kg
dimensions 120 x 70 cm
silver color
material 100% cotton with alu surface, 100% polyester